Leeteuk and kang sora


What is We Got Married?

We Got Married is a Korean variety show where Korean artists will shoot a marriage-like life with other artists. This show is popular aước ao K-pop fans because they can see how their favorite idols might act if they were lớn marry someone. One of the favorite pairings from this show has been Super Junior’s Leeteuk and actress Kang So-ra. The two have sầu been called “Dimple Couple” by their fans have & showed good chemistry through the show.

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Are you curious about Leeteuk & Kang So-ra’s relationship after their virtual marriage has ended? Let’s take a look at their relationship!

Kang So-ra & Leeteuk’s Virtual Marriage

Kang So-ra & Leeteuk were cast as a pairing in We Got Married Season 3. Their first meeting might have sầu been awkward, but they generated many sweet moments while shooting their virtual marriage, such as their trip to lớn Nangươi Isl&, their jealous moments when the pair was cthất bại khổng lồ other people, the wedding photoshoot, & more importantly, their kissing scene.


Both seem lớn take care of each other devotedly, showing lots of affection và even showing possessiveness of each other. One example is when they were going khổng lồ Nami Isl&. His fellow group member, Sungmin called Leeteuk và was bragging that he had run inkhổng lồ his virtual wife by chance. Leeteuk was jealous because he couldn’t meet Kang So-ra for a while, so he threw a joke at Sungmin, saying he hoped for his musical to lớn fail, but ended the Điện thoại tư vấn by wishing the best for Sungmin’s musical.

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Another moment was when the two were going out together khổng lồ learn to lớn tango. Leeteuk seemed shy when there was a move sầu where Kang So-ra had to lean closer khổng lồ hlặng, which she seemed happy about, but Leeteuk also reacted the same way when the trainer did the same thing as her. The way he reacts definitely makes her burn with evident jealousy, but moments where they showed jealousy still looked xinh đẹp khổng lồ their fans.


Besides jealousy, the “Dimple Couple” also showed a lot of affection toward each other. Their first kiss was when they were celebrating Leeteuk’s birthday at some restaurant on Nami Isl&. When Kang So-ra said that she had another present for Leeteuk’s birthday, it turned out that the present was a kiss on his cheek. They also showed a lot of skinship at their wedding photoshoot, holding hands, hugging, & even leaning on each other.

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Another đáng yêu thing we could see is that, at their trang chính for We Got Married, Leeteuk & Kang So-ra were keeping four clownfish, which they named Lee, Teuk, So, & Ra. Their sweet moments had to lớn kết thúc after Leeteuk had khổng lồ go for his military service. They had their last episode showing Leeteuk kissing Kang So-ra on her lips.