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Vietphái mạnh is a tropical country with many attractions. It is found on the Indochimãng cầu Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese are one of the largest peoples in the world. There are now over 77 million Vietnamese in the world. Hot Vietnamese girls và women are known for their warm & sincere smiles, smooth skin, & chiseled figures, so a lot of models & actresses of Vietnamese origin have gained worldwide fame. Their appearance fits very well the world"s beauty standards.

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Why Are Vietnamese Women So Hot?

Hot Vietnamese girls care much about what other people think about their appearance, so this might be why they strive lớn be good-looking all the time. Along with other Indochimãng cầu & Southeast Asia peoples, the mostly Mongoloid Vietnamese have sầu an apparent admixture of the Australoid race. In Vietphái nam, a former French colony for many years, a whole generation of Franco-Vietnamese mestizos was born. The culture and appearance of Vietnamese hotties were influenced by East Asian, Southeast Asian neighbors, & Europeans.

Hot Vietnamese women do not have sầu one authentic appearance. You can meet a Vietnamese hottie looking lượt thích Koreans or Japanese. Also, some of them are similar khổng lồ Japanese, Thai, Filipino, or even Latimãng cầu women. Mixed blood is comtháng in Vietnam giới, so hot Vietnamese girls’ extraordinary charm consists of the perfect combination of the best features inherited from different peoples. That is why sexy Vietnamese girls look so hot, và almost every Western man can find in this country a woman with the desired appearance.


Vietnamese sexy girls can be considered the most beautiful and hot Asian women. If we compare Vietnamese, for example, with Japanese females, then hot Vietnamese women, as a rule, have sầu higher growth & more feminine toàn thân forms. Every year, hot Vietnamese girls take part in various beauty contests & often rank in the top ten. In Vietphái nam, beauty contests are held regularly, namely in the seaside resort of Nha Trang, which is considered the primary country’s resort.

Physical Features

Sexy Vietnamese girls usually have pale skin, large eyes, small noses, pointy chin, and silky straight hair. Females living in Vietnam pay much attention to lớn the whiteness of their skin & try to avoid tanning by all means. Therefore, hot Vietnamese girls wrap themselves up in clothes from head lớn toe, wear gloves, and use sunscreens even in the 30-degree heat. In addition khổng lồ the right proportions of their facial traits, the appearance of these girls also depends on their bodily and mental health.

In everyday life, Vietnamese hotties dress almost the same way as women from Europe. For special occasions such as weddings, they wear the national costume called Áo nhiều năm, consisting of a long shirt of bright colors & harem pants. With age, the natural appearance of sexy Vietnamese women changes slightly. They know how khổng lồ maintain their natural beauty using ancient recipes. The ability to keep peace of mind under any circumstances also contributes khổng lồ the fresh appearance of hot girls from Vietnam.


The gentle nature of hot Vietnamese girls, their classical understanding of the role of a man, and the corresponding attitude towards hlặng are very appreciated by representatives of the stronger gender. A sexy Vietnamese girl will not insist on eunique with her man. These females vày not strive sầu for emancipation in the sense that women of Western countries do. Vietnamese hotties adhere khổng lồ traditional values & willingly accept the patriarchal way of life in their families.

During the Vietphái mạnh War, about đôi mươi,000 American servicemen married Vietnamese shoes and took them to lớn the US. Besides, many sexy Vietnamese women had illegitimate children from Americans. After the withdrawal of the US Army from Vietnam giới, these women had a hard time. However, the American authorities issued visas, và many of them immigrated to lớn the US. Others had lớn flee to lớn neighboring countries and adopt other cultures.

Popularity among men

Today, many young Vietnamese marry foreigners and go abroad. They meet men from other countries online và manage to fulfill their dream of moving to lớn other wealthier countries. Mostly, Vietnam hotties come from large families, so they know the ins and outs of male psychology. These ladies are accustomed khổng lồ act in a polite & a little bit dependent way. It flatters the egos of men, be they Americans, Europeans, or Chinese. Every hot Vietnamese woman sees her husbvà as her top priority, & this makes them ikhuyến mãi life partners.

Top 20 Hotthử nghiệm Vietnamese Girls

Our các mục of top trăng tròn most beautiful và hot Vietnamese women includes well-known Vietnamese actresses, singers, models, as well as winners of national & international beauty contests. Some of them live & work in Vietphái nam, while others have Vietnamese roots và reside in other countries. Find out more about Vietnamese hotties and their achievements here.

1. Angie Vu Ha


Angie Vu Ha (born in 1987) is a famous actress, model, producer, và hot girl Vietnam. Angie wаѕ bоrn in Vіеtnаm but is living in New Yоrk now. Angie is a versatile & colorful personality. She was engaged in dancing, modeling, TV hosting, producing her own music, as well as acting in movies and theater pieces. Besides, she has the title of Asia’s Sexiest DJ. In 2012, she also was recognized as Playboy’s Miss Social. Angie manages her modeling agency và produces her line of lingerie.

2. Anh Thu


Anh Thu (born in 1982) is one of the Vietnamese hotties. She is a supermã sản phẩm, beautiful singer, and talented actress. She became famous for her roles in the movie Long Legged Girls (2004), as well as in Tropical Snow (2006), Hoa thiên điểu (2008) TV series. At Miss Vietnam giới Photogenic Pageant 2002, she won the title of Miss Civic White & was recognized as the Best Model at Vietphái nam Model Awards 2004. Besides, Anh became the Best Actress at the 10th Ochna Integerrima Awards.

3. Bebe Pham


Bebe Psay đắm (born in 1983) is a Vietnamese mã sản phẩm and actress. She became interested in modeling when she was a child. Hence, she started lớn study the basics of modeling. She was offered to lớn work for a French modeling agency LYDAC and was ranked 3rd in the Vietphái mạnh SuperModel 2005 competition. This opened the door of numerous international fashion agencies to her. Bebe is the first Vietnamese model to be trained in underwater modeling, và she appeared on the Nautical Angels Underwater calendar 2007. Then, the modeling career led her khổng lồ appear in movies.

4. Diem My


Vu Psay mê Diem My (born in 1990) is a Vietnamese actress, Mã Sản Phẩm, and MC. She is better known by the stage name Diem My 9x. She has been acting since 1995, when she was only five sầu years old. She participated in the Miss World Vietnamese & Miss World beauty 2010 pageants. Then, she performed in such successful films as Lips in the Rain, Hong Dress on 24th Floor, Very Old Girl Chieu, Run Away Then Calculate, Murder Lens, và Love & Ambition.

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5. Elizabeth Thuy Tien


Elizabeth Thuy Tien (born in 1983) is a Vietnamese model, singer-songwriter, actress, và philanthropist. Extraordinary tall for a hot Vietnamese woman with 175 cm (5’9”) height, she quickly became the best-known models on the catwalks, first in Vietphái nam and then in the USA. She appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines và the long-running variety shows Paris By Night, which is very popular among mỏi the Vietnamese diaspora in the US. She also performs her songs in Vietnamese.

6. Elly Tran Ha


Elly Tran Ha (born in 1987) is a Vietnamese Mã Sản Phẩm, bikini idol, và actress. When she was very young, her family moved to lớn the US but returned to Vietphái mạnh when she was a teenager. Her peers often teased Elly because of her rapid body development. She became famous when her đồ lót pictures popped up online. She also had roles in several movies, including Ghost School, Kitchen Lady, Upstream Aspirations, & Pearls. Elly promoted an online game RAN Return in Indonesia. Today, she has thousands of Instagram followers. 

7. Ha Anh Vu


Ha Anh Vu or Vũ Nguyễn Hà Anh (born in 1982) is a Vietnamese mã sản phẩm, singer, & author. She participated in the Miss Universe Vietnam and Miss Earth contests in 2006. Although she did not win, she became famous in Vietphái mạnh. Later, she won the first European Professional Model and Asian Face Award in the UK. She worked with several international brands and participated in many fashion shows. She was also invited khổng lồ be a judge at Next Top Model 2010. In 2011, she recorded her first tuy vậy Model (Take My Picture). Besides, she cooperated with many charity foundations.

8. Hai Bang


Hai Bang (born in 1988) is a beautiful & talented Vietnamese singer. She used to be a thành viên of the White Cloud bvà performing songs for youth. Then, Hai Bang has chosen the strong personality style of a modern girl for her solo path. Her two main genres of music are R&B & ballads. Since then, she became an influencer on Instagram and has attracted more than 200 thousvà followers. With long hair & classic Vietnamese beauty, it is no wonder she made a career.

9. Jennifer Pham


Jennifer Pmê mẩn (born in 1985) is a Vietnamese beauty queen, actress, model, TV host, and MC. She was crowned Miss Vietnam USA runner-up in 2004, Vietnamese American Top Model in 2005, Miss Vietphái nam Southern California in 2006, & Miss Asia USA in 2006. When Jennifer returned to lớn Vietnam, she got married, divorced, và married again. She had a role in one feature film and devoted herself to philanthropic duties working throughout different countries.

10. Kyên Lee


Kim Lee (born in 1988 in the US) is a Model & DJ with both Vietnamese & French roots. She graduated from Scratch Academy in Los Angeles, California. In 2011, she was named the sexiest woman in the world. Her các mục of appearances và achievements is a mile long. Besides modeling, she appeared on the covers of many glossy magazines, participated in music videos, as well as acted in movies & TV series. As a DJ, she played at Future Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Paphụ thân NYC, Drai’s Beach Club Vegas, và Marquee Vegas.

11. Le Hoang Bao Tran


Le Hoang Bao Tran (born in 1998) is a Vietnamese model. She started on her road khổng lồ fame very early. Bao Tran was walking the fashion catwalk at age 11 và was already noticed by the truyền thông media. At Teen Model Condemo in 2009, she won the prime award. After this conkiểm tra, she was invited for fashion shoots by many agencies và magazines. With a charming face và a height of 1.72 m, Le Hoang Bao Tran is listed as one of the top youngest models in Vietnam giới. 

12. Luu Thi Diem Huong


Luu Thi Diem Huong (born in 1990) is a Vietnamese model và Miss Vietphái mạnh World 2010. She represented her country in the Miss Earth 2010 pageant, where she placed in the Top 14, although she was a heavy favorite along with the winner. She also entered the Top 5 in the Miss Talent competition và was named the Best Swimsuit Mã Sản Phẩm in the Miss Earth competition. At present, she is married và has a child. She opened a private bakery in the capital city of Vietphái mạnh.

13. Ly Nha Ky


Ly Nha Ky (born in 1982) is a Vietnamese actress, Model, và businesswoman. She has been studying in Germany for five years. Then, she returned khổng lồ her home country to be near her family. Ly Nha Ky had the ambition lớn become an actress, và her dream came true. She won fame for her role in the TV series Kieu và the Giants (2008). Then, she appeared in several movies. In 2011, she was appointed as Vietnam’s first Tourism Ambassador. In năm nhâm thìn, she received the title of Princess of Asia conferred by the Sultanate of Bangsamoro, Philippines. 

14. Nguyen Thi Huyen


Nguyen Thi Huyen (born in 1985) is a Vietnamese model & Miss Vietnam 2004. Aged 19, she won the crown of Miss Vietnam in 2004. Then, she went on khổng lồ become a semi-finacác mục at Miss World 2004. Nguyen obtained a degree in journalism from a UK University and went on to get her Ph.D. from the Academy of Journalism và Communication. In 2007, she got married and continued khổng lồ work on TV. Recently, she registered her own communication company.

15.Nguyen Thuy Lam


Nguyen Thuy Lam (born in 1987) is a Vietnamese singer, actress. She won the titles of Miss Talent & Miss Internet at Miss Universe Vietnam giới 2008. As the winner, she was awarded $ 12,000 and got the right to lớn represent her country in the Miss Universe 2008 pageant. Thuy Lam entered the Top 10 finalists in the Best National Costume contest and Top 5 finalists in the Most Charming in the Áo Dài fashion show. At present, she is married & works as a singer & an actress.

16. Mai Phuong Thuy


Mai Phuong Thuy (born in 1988) is a Vietnamese actress, mã sản phẩm, & beauty queen. When she was just 18 years, Mai got a great start being crowned Miss Vietphái mạnh 2006 in Warsaw, Poland. Eventually, she took part in the Miss World beauty contest và won the viewers’ votes worldwide. As Miss Vietphái mạnh, she spent a lot of time & effort raising funds for charity purposes. Now, Mai Phuong Thuy works as a Mã Sản Phẩm, actress, singer, & TV host.

17. Maggie Q


Maggie Q (born in 1979) is an actress, Model, and animal rights activist with Irish, Polish, and Vietnamese genes. She was born và studied in Hawaii, USA. Thanks to lớn her parents’ support, she was able khổng lồ start a career in modeling và acting. First, she worked on the catwalk in Tokyo. She has appeared in a number of TV productions, as well as Hollywood movies such as Mission Impossible 3, Divergent, và its two sequels. She also had a leading role as an FBI special agent in the political thriller series Designated Survivor (2016–2019).

18. Michelle Phan


Michelle Phan (born in 1987 in Boston, USA) is a Vietnamese makeup expert, entrepreneur, voice actress, and Youtube star. In 2005, Phan launched a personal blog with makeup tutorials. At present, this smart young woman is known for her fashion and beauty videos on YouTube. She has more than a billion views and about 7.5 million followers. She is also a co-founder of Ipsy, the world’s largest online beauty community, & the owner of the famous line EM Cosmetics.

19. Phan Nhu Thao

Phan Nhu Thao (born in 1988) is a Vietnamese Model. She possesses a desirable body toàn thân & height of 1.73 m. Also, she has a pure Vietnamese sweet beauty. She was named Vietnam’s top mã sản phẩm in 2008 when she was 20 years old. Then, she got fame thanks lớn her appearance in the second round of Asia’s Next Top Model pageant. Unfortunately, she was eliminated from that competition. However, this fact did not seem khổng lồ stop her popularity.

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trăng tròn. Rima Nguyen


Rima Nguyen (born in 1995) is a Vietnamese Model & actress. At the age of 14, she won in the Pink Face conchạy thử of Mat Tyên ổn newspaper. This victory brought her many modeling offers. In 2016, she was amongst the top nine contestants in the Ao Dai competition. She also participated in the Miss World Vietphái nam pageant. As a result, her face appeared in various magazines, and she also got the chance lớn work for the most famous brands. Also, she took part in many fashion shows. According to lớn voting held in 2018, Rima Nguyen was ranked fourth in the danh sách of the Hotdemo Vietnamese Models in the World.