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Best Left 4 Dead Levels To Play While Waiting For Baông chồng 4 Blood With Baông xã 4 Blood coming in June, it"s the right time lớn revisit classic Left 4 Dead campaigns lượt thích Swamp Fever, Dark Carnival, và No Mercy.You watching: Tổng hòa hợp mã lệnh left 4 dead 2 không hề thiếu nhất

Best Left 4 Dead Campaigns Levels Until Bachồng 4 Blood Release Date Ahy vọng the most anticipated games of 2021 is Bachồng 4 Blood, the spiritual sequel lớn the Left 4 Dead series being helmed by many of the original game"s developers. First announced by Turtle Rock Studtiện ích ios in March 2019, the game was finally unveiled at The Game Awards 20đôi mươi. Especially coming mere months after Left 4 Dead 2 got its first update in eight years, providing new levels và survival maps for players lớn enjoy, Baông xã 4 Blood"s scheduled release date on June 22 has especially serendipitous timing.

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While Bachồng 4 Blood does look like it will be faithful to lớn many of its predecessors" core features, Turtle Rochồng Studios has made it clear it"s trying to lớn vày more than rehash Left 4 Dead. It"s wise for this new outing to lớn differentiate itself, but that, of course, doesn"t mean the older games are obsolete.

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Despite the most recent game in the series being over a decade old, the first two Left 4 Dead titles still pachồng a lot of punch. Here are some of the best Left 4 Dead campaigns for players to dive baông chồng into lớn until June arrives.See more: Nước Tây Ban Nha Tên Tiếng Anh Là Gì : Định Nghĩa, Ví Dụ Anh Việt

Best L4D Campaigns #3 - No Mercy

The original Left 4 Dead outing with Louis, Bill, Zoey, and Francis has one of its best runs here. Hoping khổng lồ find rescue at a nearby hospital, the quartet must first navigate apartment buildings, thành phố streets, subway tunnels, and sewers. The variance in settings leading up to the hospital itself makes each phase work even better. The lighting is also creepy & ambient, especially in the streets & alleyways, và the hospital itself - particularly the swarm before the elevator and the evacuation at the helmáy tính bảng ipad - is a blast.

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left 4 dead 2 poster Shrouded in humid mist và thickets of trees, swamps are always an optimal horror setting. Swamp Fever puts Left 4 Dead 2"s team of Coach, Ellis, Nick, và Rochelle through a backwoods trial by fire. As if the usual enemies aren"t bad enough, they now have sầu lớn fkết thúc off "mud people," as well. The final stage, where the survivors must hold out at an abandoned plantation until being rescued via boat by a friendly local named Virgil, is ahy vọng the most hectic last phases of any mission. The last run from the plantation gates to lớn the boat doông chồng can be extremely hazardous, especially if the swarm of zombies is big enough lớn trip up a player or two. (Plus, Swamp Fever is even better with the Shrek Tank gian lận. "What are you doing in my swamp?" has never sounded more terrifying.)

Midnight Riders in Dark Carnival Probably the best chiến dịch of either game, Dark Carnival is where the Left 4 Dead franchise"s blkết thúc of gallows humor, nail-biting difficulty spikes, & clever use of setting are at their height. A once-buoyant carnival park makes for a perfect zombie outbreak, featuring a tunnel of love sầu crowded with walkers & a mad dash across a roller coaster that can still make a player sweat. Even worse are the zombie clowns, whose squeaky shoes can attract a horde if they"re not killed quickly enough. The real fireworks are (literally) saved for last, when the heroes must flag down a helicopter by using the pyrotechnics of the Midnight Riders, a hilarious ZZ Top/Allman Brothers-knockoff b& that has met an kết thúc grislier than the darkest Southern roông xã song could ever envision.See more: Om Mani Padme Hum Là Gì? Nguồn Gốc, Ý Nghĩa Của Câu Crúc Om Mani Padme Hum

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Baông xã 4 Blood will release on June 22, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.